Stone, Pixel, Plastic, Stone


In collaboration with artist Dario Urzay, coordinated by Daniel Artamendi.

Invited by the Art & Technology lab of Arteleku (San Sebastian) during two days, 20-21 October 2013.

The workshop is intended to take the form of a circular theoretical / practical path in which we will study the transformations inherent to the processes of transforming an object, and the change in their properties at each step: 3D scanning, digital alteration, printing in plastic, and re-obtaining the object using moulds.

Broadly speaking, the process is as follows:

  1. Scanning rocks, using different techniques to obtain a 3D grid.

  2. Altering/parametrizing the 3D grid, either manually or using code, and preparing it for printing on a 3D printer.

  3. Printing the 3D model in PLA/ABS plastics.

  4. With the part printed, creating formwork and obtaining the negative of the part using moulds of different kinds.

  5. Using the moulds, re-obtaining the object in different materials (cement, plaster, etc.).

  6. Repeating the process with the new object.

The workshop will take the form of a path; participants will travel and, with the guests, will participate in the different milestones and transformations of the object. The workshop is targeted at artists, architects, sculptors and enthusiasts of digital manufacture. No technical knowledge is required.