Living Surfaces book pre-order

April 17, 2024

The pre-order period of our book Living Surfaces is open. Cover and blurbs already released!

Jimena Canales: “An urgent reminder that environmental change affects not only the planet but what we know and can do about it, Gil-Fournier and Parikka invite us to creatively change the world by embracing our ‘recursive planetarity’ through ‘superficial’ investigations of ecological aesthetics to expand our limited ecological politics.”

Susan Schuppli: “The book proposes a new aesthetic imaginary of the multi-spectral and trans-planar image; one that metabolizes vegetal life and media theory in order to understand how living surfaces become a kind of image-biome registering intensities of light, chemical properties of soil, temperature differentials, and species interdependencies.”

Release day, 25 June 2024.