conversation: LeBal Paris. Artificial Intelligence Landscapes.

February 27, 2020

The third session of a cycle of conversations on Artificial Intelligence and the arts is devoted to the aesthetic and political stakes of the new forms of vision and listening. They are based on what is today called artificial intelligence and machine learning. We will take as a starting point the impact of these new technologies on the different forms of representation of nature: in particular, satellite images of the surface of our planet.

There will be a presentation of the projects developed by the artist Abelardo Gil-Fournier in collaboration with Jussi Parikka and the Archaeologies of Media and Technology research group - for example, Landscape Prediction: An Earthology of Moving Landforms. The aim will be to analyse the interrelationships between “artificial” and “natural” intelligence, and the way in which machine learning and digital geolocation technologies are used to make predictions about the future evolution of our planet and its “active” forms: rivers, glaciers, forests.

More information about the event, here.