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  • The Croopier: Archive of game situations 2008-2010

    The first epoch of The Croopier was a time specific game production project. It portrayed different issues highlighted by the news media industry as games published weekly in a web environment.

    Among other issues, it exposed the treatment meted out by public authorities to the arrival of boats with undocumented immigrants as a recurrent and solution-less tetris; the Gaza conflict as a medieval witches’ Sabbath; and the regulated layoff of jobs as a problem of permanently unbalanced scales.

    The micro-games archive of The Croopier is a playful and polymorphous way of observing contemporary global mediatization. More tellingly, it questions the ongoing transformation of world affairs into events ready for consumption and entertainment, a conversion deactivating both the information itself and the receiver’s power to act beyond the news.


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    Mediateca Expandida. Arcadia Collective exhibition curated by José Luis de Vicente Laboral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial (Gijón, Spain - 2009)

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