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MASTA website:

MASTA is a project on social constructions aimed to set up ephemeral arrangements of people, abstractions and objects. Processes initiated by this system will generally end with the realization of an object or a structure, but the production of objects is not the goal of the MASTA project.

MASTA is a production system of abstractions:

"To abstract is to construct a plane upon which otherwise different and unrelated matters may be brought into many possible relations."

McKenzie Wark, A hacker Manifesto (2004)

MASTA looks for abstractions to produce improbable bonds in specific contexts of contemporary systems: economic and socially situated contexts of production and exchange of objects.

The MASTA project points out a space of alternative processes of production and exchange of objects within abstraction and systems. It stems from the possibility of experimenting with new abstractions thanks to technologies such as personal 3D printers and open programming platforms, and the willing to explore and reenact communities of bonds.