Suma de códigos. Videogames in the public space

28. February 2012

Mexico DF, February 13-17, 2012, in collaboration with María Andueza

SAE Insitute Mexico -

The city is a process landscape where people, machines and infrastructures cohabit and populate a space-time experience so complex that allows infinite variations and local site specificities.

This was a 5 day workshop where we set up a process of intense collective creation and discussion with a complex videogame as a result.

We proposed to think a specific spatial context in terms of game design, and explained gradually a set of tools we had prepared to work with Processing and Android devices:

- Day 1. The room - The space and its representation in a map - Interaction

- Day 2. The building as a situation database - QR Codes

- Day 3: A specific open space, the park - Mobile cameras, image upload, public sharing content networks.

- Day 4: The streets, the map - The city as a situation game engine - GeoData and Google Tables

- Day 5: The complete game - Project presentation

We prepared a website of the workshop (spanish only):

And posted all the codes (a lot of useful classes to work with Android Processing) here:

Finally, you can read a post-workshop review by María Andueza here (spanish only):