Conveying Light: Residual Media Depot (Montreal), 23-28 May

17. May 2017

During the week 23-28 of May I will participate in a seminar and research workshop at the Residual Media Depot of the Concordia University in Montreal (Canada). The seminar, on media archaeology, discusses material practices of labs and depots of media history, infrastructure as well as contemporary media theory, such as the cultural techniques-approach. Led by Darren Wershler, Lori Emerson and Jussi Parikka, I will participate together with other 15 international researchers and artists.

As part of the research workshop, I'll continue the elaboration of the notion of a "conveying light": Despite its spatial definition, conveying light is related to the transformation of time into space in the architecture of the contemporary image. A transformation that lies at the core of Giuliana Bruno’s exploration of the “materiality in the virtual age”, where surfaces are considered instead of images “to experience how the visual manifests itself materially on the surface of things, where time becomes material space”

Residual Media Depot:

Conveying Light: