Publication: paper "Seeding and Seeing: The inner colonisation of land and vision", APRJA journal

26. April 2017

The new issue of the annual peer-reviewed journal APRJA has been pubilshed. I have contributed to it with a paper on plant and image growth, agricultural media and soil colonialism, which is free and open-access available here:

About this issue of APRJA: "The latest edition of APRJA is about Machine Research – research on machines, research with mac"hines, and research as a machine. It thus explores machinic perspectives to suggest a situation where the humanities are put into a critical perspective by machine driven ecologies, ontologies and epistemologies of thinking and acting. It aims to engage research and artistic practice that takes into account the new materialist conditions implied by nonhuman techno-ecologies. These include new ontologies and intelligence such as machine learning, machine reading and listening (Geoff Cox, Sam Skinner & Nathan Jones, Brian House), systems-oriented perspectives to broadcast communication and conflict (John Hill, Dave Young), the ethics and aesthetics of autonomous systems (Maya Indira Ganesh, Maja Bak Herrie), and other post-anthropocentric reconsiderations of materiality and infrastructure (Abelardo Gil-Fournier, Etherbox interview).

The journal issue has been organised in the context of ever elusive, the 2017 edition of transmediale festival of art and digital culture, Berlin, and follows a workshop co-organised with Constant association for art and media, Brussels."