Publication: e-flux supercommunity - Mineral Vision in "The Alchemic Digital, The Planetary Elemental"

04. August 2015

In a piece contributed to the conversation Planetary Computing (Is the Universe Actually a Gigantic Computer?) in e-flux supercommunity Jussi Parikka reviews Mineral Vision:

Indeed, considering luxury culture, “Shine could be the paradoxically material base of an optical economy typically (mis)understood as being purely cognitive or immaterial.” The alchemy of such visual surfaces, as well as their material processes, seem to have fulfilled Zosimus’s fifth-century dream of “The Divine Art of Making Gold and Money” that rings true as to the place of technology in contemporary culture. Art projects also engage with this premise—for example, Abelardo Gil Fournier’s Mineral Vision installation (2015): a copper slab whose silent façade opens up through augmented reality vision, revealing the quasi-mythological world of hidden messages; the digital opens up the material that becomes itself readable. It’s the new, technological version of Roger Caillois’s The Writing of Stones.

The full piece can be accessed here (July 22nd 2015): The Alchemic Digital, The Planetary Elemental