Machine Research Workshop: Transmediale, Aarhus Uni and Constant Brussels

26. October 2016

During last 24-26 October I participated in this year's edition of the research workshop part of Transmediale, coordinated by the University of Aarhus, and hosted and organized this time by Constant Brussels.

As stated in the website of the workshop, "[it] aims to engage research and artistic practice that takes into account the new materialist conditions implied by nonhuman techno-ecologies including new ontologies of learning and intelligence (such as algorithmic learning), socio-economic organisation (such as blockchain), population management and tracking (such as datafied borders), autonomous or semi-autonomous systems (such as bots or drones) and other post-anthropocentric reconsiderations of agency, materiality and autonomy."

My contribution will address the case of the agrarian reform and land settlement program in Spain, the Inner Colonization, as a case of medianature that from the point of view of an art practice in relation to a technological present can be addressed in two ways: as a genealogy of a process of [soil] becoming screen, and as a critical inquiry [unmaking] into the very notion of making.

The workshop ended up with a publication to be distributed in Transmediale 2017.