Project: Los colonos de la 'España Verde' de Franco, a collaborative production in Medialab-Prado

01. July 2017

I proposed to the collaborative production workshop on data journalism to work on the digitisation and visualisation of the data related to the actions of the Spanish Institute of Colonisation. The project was selected and it became part of the Taller Periodismo de Datos "La España Vacía". During three weekends, spanned over a period of two months, a group of architecs, geographers and journalists collaborated to produce as a result a website, a data repository and several data visualisations in relation to the program of transformation of lands into large irrigation zones.

The results of the project, elaborated together with Andrés Rodríguez Muñoz, Marco Rizzetto, Carmen M. Pellicer Balsalobre, Guillermo Cid and David Prieto, can be visited here: