Launch of AMT, an office for media theory and speculative practice in art & design

23. September 2016

AMT, the Archaeologies of Media and Technology Research Group at the University of Southampton / Winchester School of Art, has been recently launched. Proud of being part of it, the group presents itself in the following terms:

Amt – (German) an administrative unit, office

Also: Airy Mean Time, a time standard used for timekeeping on Mars

Archaeologies of Media and Technology (AMT) is a research group that approaches technology and media writ large through their links to science, art, visual culture and critical theory with a strong emphasis on artistic practices. We investigate the conditions of existence of contemporary media technologies through design and art, in relation to both contemporary culture and cultural heritage with an eye toward the future.

The group rethinks computing through surprising, innovative and fresh approaches. It is an office for speculative ideas, grounded research and investigations into the contemporary.