Project: Settlers and Forced Labour in España Vacía - production workshop in Medialab-Prado

06. April 2017

As part of a production workshop in Medialab-Prado, a project on the relation between soil and labour during the Inner Colonisation will be collaboratively elaborated between April and June. The use of prisoners of war as the forced labor that built a large portiong of the water infrastructures needed to irrigate large extensions of land, is considered in relation to the displaced settler population that farmed the irrigated lands -inside a very controlled and monitored production environment-.

The rational and visually pleasant settler towns, celebrated by the propaganda of the dictatorship, is displayed parallel to the hidden and invisible concentration camps and penal colonies. Both constitute the visible and the invisible faces of the same logic - the extractive mindset that conveys the living and commodifies its worlding.

More info about the project and data: