Digital Fabrication: Repeat. Transform. Parametrize

01. November 2012

How can we think of systems, abstraction and emergent behaviours through digital fabrication? How can we grasp the notion of growth of structures, or of digital structures as well, with the aid of multiple 3d printers working at the same time?

Daniel Artamendi proposed a very interesing workshop around these topics to Pello Mitxelena, a vasc sculptor, and me, as part of the workshop program he has been developing in Arteleku (Donosti).

Rather than thinking of printing objects, how can we start to think of the idea of printing systems? The workshop was a two day creative meeting with several people with different backgrounds, from architecture, education and engineering to arts.

In order to introduce some concepts around algorithms to the participants in the workshop, I prepared a series of tutorials in Processing connected to the building of elementary snappable "coded" pieces. This code has been further elaborated by Mikel del Valle and will be released soon as an open source tool to "program" printable pieces.

I worte post-workshop review here (spanish only):

You can browse also through its flickr set:

Or hear a conversation with Pello Mitxelena, in a video (spanish only) here:

Abelardo Gil-Fournier eta Pello Mitxelena. Elkarrizketa - entrevista. from ARTELEKU on Vimeo.