Cloud and Molecular Aesthetics, Istambul (June 26-28)

08. April 2014

Next June I'll be participating in the Cloud and Molecular Aesthetics conference organized by the Operational and Curatorial Research and the Pera Museum in Istambul. In the event, that will bring together inspiring authors such as Jussi Parikka, Anne Balsamo, Ljiljiana Fruk and Darren Tofts, I'll be presenting my last work in the context of the synthesis of colors and the materiality of images in a session with Genevieve Tremblay, Milena Szafir and Simone Mandl & Petra Gemeinboeck.

The synopsis of my presentation, titled Color erosion. Inks and dyes in the pixel era, follows:

In his first color film, Red Desert, Michelangelo Antonioni showed the effects of chemical pollution over an industrial landscape through the experience of the main character, a woman affected by a nervous syndrome that altered her senses. Visually, the film is characterized by the continual appearance of elements with striking colors that introduce in the image the synthetic and toxic substances present in the atmosphere of the industrial plant. Colors, visible on painted surfaces, clothes or gas emissions, appear as active agents that leave the surface of objects to invade the space and characterize the mental state, health and relationships of people within it.

This paper presents my research on color as an agent that materializes the action of another industry, the IT one. From the point of view of the digitalization processes of objects and images, every color surface can be addressed as an information surface, susceptible of being recodified in real time through a large number of techniques, and its colors changed consequently. In my last works I have explored the use of projections and overprints of grids of benday dots to digitally modify the perceived colors on objects. This paper presents these projects -Vividness, Chromogeny and L’image est une machine malade- contextualized in relation to the theoretical work of Esther Leslie, historian of art, around the history of the production of synthetic colors.