Exhibition: Cartographic Operations - Level 4 Gallery (Southampton)

14. February 2017

A set of pieces belonging to The Marching Ants series will be on display in the exhibition "Cartographic Operations" that will take place in the Level 4 Gallery in Southampton, from Feb 20th to March 10th.

A new exhibition on mapping opens on 20 February. ‘Cartographic Operations’ will sit alongside the exhibition in the Special Collections Gallery, ‘Beyond Cartography: Safeguarding Historic Maps and Plans’, and there will be a joint Private View on Tuesday 28 February, 5pm to 8pm.

In Bernhard Siegert’s ‘The map is the territory’, he refers to the idea of ‘cartographic operations’. The suggestion is that our way of seeing the world is not simply represented in maps, but that map-making is itself a play of competing signs and discourses producing our subjecthood. These are the coordinates we come to live by, which in turn influence the marks and signs at our disposal when we seek to make and share representations of the world.

The exhibition will feature works by Jane Birkin, Abelardo Gil-Fournier and Sunil Manghani & Ian Dawson.