Advisor in Medialab-Prado's Interactivos?14: Rethinking collective behaviour and action

23. November 2014

I've been participating in the Interactivos?'14 workshop on collective behavious as artistic advisor during two stimulating weeks of collective production and discussions.

Interactivos?'14 is an initiative born from the common interest of the Neuroethology Lab at Instituto Cajal (CSIC) and Medialab-Prado to explore new ways to understand, measure, analyze and tapper the benefits of human collectives in life, science and art.

The programme comprises a number of actions in varying formats intended to bring together different areas of knowledge, disciplines and outlooks on the notion of the collective, in the form of discussion and practical sessions. It aims to involve professional and amateur scientists, artists, designers, engineers, town planners, educators, sociologists, activists, entrepreneurs, people connected with public administration and any citizen interested in being part of this process of experimentation and reflection. Based on experimental studies and data analysis, the programme will be addressing issues such as the following:

What can we learn from other species sush as ants or fishes about the way our brain works and our collective behaviour?

- How social networks help us understand human collectives?

- How do we interact with each other and with our environment?

- What kind of collective actions allow our cities and hwo does internet affected them?

- Is creation an individual or collective matter?

- Is learning a solitary process or implies interaction with others?

- Is there a natural tendence to cooperation?

- To what extent are collectives capable of self-governance? Are leaders necessary?

- What are the possibilities for art in collectives?

- What new forms of political expression can we use in collectives?

-What kinds of new technology will help us understand and enhance social action?

Here you can see the selected projects: